You're probably thinking why does Batman have a gold tooth? Let me explain...As a kid growing up in a small village called Hackney in London, it was a community with all types of different characters; some were cool and some were not! In East London during those times, if someone had a gold tooth they were seen as a bad man ('bad' as in 'good'). In today's society, a gold tooth may have different connotations but for that East London kid looking up to his peers, it was a symbol of coolness, independence and a clear message to society about not giving a shit what people thought. That symbolism resonates greatly with me and I use my art to create pieces that I truly love. For these reasons, I was compelled to create images that represent my visual perspective. 'Badman' kicks off the gold tooth series of portraits featuring my childhood heroes and people I Respect and admire to this day…

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Read my lips money talks is a series of artworks and prints that reflects the attitude of some people who potentially are in a situation where to fit into societies perception of success requires you to compromise yourself of your talent and morales to put money first. Trust me that way of thinking always fucks with your soul.

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Read my lips

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